Gotland Camping Eats

Another installment in the Gotland Bike tour report: the food! Any travels should include some fun eating adventures, and in an active bike tour it becomes a necessity.

Lunch and fika (coffee or tea time snack breaks) were usually purchased along the way, at conveniently planned biking breaks along our route. We also bought veggies and a great loaf of homemade sourdough from farm stands along the way. The sourdough was FANTASTIC, and the baker and (toddler) salesman were quite charming. If you ever visit Gotland, check them out. If you want a lovely mini-vacation, check out Stor Ungs Picnic on insta. We even picked a few of the local special black raspberry called ‘psalmbär‘.

We made a lot of our own food too. For breakfast we ate Fonio porridge, a high-protein ancient grain/seed from West Africa. Our came from a fair-trade cooperative in Senegal, and we ate it with cinnamon, cardamom, dried fruit and nuts mixed in. Here were some of our camping dinner meals:

  • Thai coconut soup with rice noodles
  • Peanut stew with dried yams (could supplement with fonio or couscous, but we had it with sourdough bread we bought at a farmstand)
  • Taco bowls (actually more like chili)
  • Potato mash and lentil balls
  • Ramen with wakame, dried mushrooms, egg,  miso, sesame oil (brought this along and didn’t actually eat it… will save it for a weekend trip this autumn.