Bridget came to Sweden

Bridget came to visit us in the first week of June. For part of that time we were still cat sitting, so she got to meet those guys and also took some very nice cat portraits. Bridget is in general better at taking photos than me (both in remembering to do it and also technically), so most of these photos are hers. IT will be fun to look back at them and remember her visit!

Graham and I were working, so Bridget went on some walks and tourist visits on her own. She seemed glad to confirm Elizabeth’s glowing reports of the forest trails… though the early summer season made for a different palette.

Since the visit coincided with the National Day long weekend, we made some nice day trips out to Uppsala and Vaxholm.

Vaxholm is the ‘gateway to Stockholm’s archipelago’, so we took a ferry with a nice view of the Stockholm city islands and then out past both fancy properties and tiny island cabins. We brought a picnic and ate by the water after walking through the charming old village houses and gardens.

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