Final Countdown

It turns out that we had a little more than 20% of our stuff left in the apartment – lots of last minute items that we didn’t gnat to go without for 2 weeks when we did the ‘big move’. I have borrowed a scale from Graham’s parents (we have never owned one), so now we can pack our suitcases to maximize the amount of stuff going to Sweden!

We got our Team uniforms yesterday for World Championships. Everything seems pretty nice except for the shorts. The ‘board short’ style has a super-large waists and cramped bum space… not a very athletic cut, more of a couch potato vibe. The Women’s lycra shorts are super-short booty shorts like you might see at Bikram’s yoga. Happily, I got the men’s lycra shorts which are quite comfy with a nice Canada logo. I’ll upload some pictures in CZ (once I unpack the camera.)

We are planning to cook most of our own meals in Prague so we are eating familiar foods (it is also a lot cheaper!) I am not keen on the typical local diet of sausage and potatoes. Our friend Erica is bringing a rice cooker and I am bringing some spices etc. so we will have rice and bean burritos, couscous and curried chickpeas, lentils, and Thai coconut rice with Tofu (provided they have tofu there!) We’ll be sure to post on how that goes.