Bump in the road

The new number one on my list of ‘bad places to throw up’: trains.

I have done a lot of traveling and mercifully have never had motion sickness or food poisoning on the road. My luck ran out yesterday somewhere around the Czech-Poland border. I am generally pretty fastidious about food safety (thanks Food and Nutrition 110!) and am not sure if it was yogurt or cheese or bread or what. Luckily I got a healing msn chat from nurse-sister Elizabeth to get advice and Graham has been really great (up to and including holding my hair back). I am looking forward to seeing a bit of Krakow – as much as I like the great hotel room we got, I am eager to get out and about.

I am feeling pretty lucky that I stayed healthy until all the races were over. I am glad the sickness seems to be drawing to a close and looking forward to visiting Auschwitz with Graham.


  1. Crap – sorry to hear you’re sick, Catherine. I got food poisoning once on my way to visit Christina in Jersey… and it was VERY unpleasant, but thankfully once it was over it was truly over and done with and I felt a lot better very suddenly (and I’ve only rarely enjoyed eating as much as I did once I felt like eating again afterwards!) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ugh, being sick while travelling completely changes your experience of a place, as in: wow, the tile on this bathroom floor is kinda cracked, and oh, by the way, how many tiles are there?, what? you mean there is a city out there? I had food poisoning in a big city in Mexico early in my pregnancy with Kristina; we were really careful about everything: not getting ice in water, bottled water, etc., but we figured out that it was the water they used to wash the salad greens – it’s likely they were cleaner just coming out of the garden. Never had a problem in the rural areas. I’m glad to read above that you are on the mend now. Time to enjoy local food!

  3. Hi Catherine,
    I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve been sick but I’m glad that you’re feeling better. I hope the rest of your trip is food-poisoning free!!!
    🙂 Andrea

  4. awwwww…. yep. on the list of crappy places to barf, twisty, bumpy trains have to be on the list. Poor sister bear. love you millions. xo

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