Easter 2024

Broom parking at Hågelbyparken for the Easter witches that will soon fly off to blåkulla (the blue hills)

Easter is a little less springy in Stockholm than in Vancouver. Crocus is here, but even though the Swedish word for daffodil is ‘Easter lily’, they are green spikes coming out of the ground and not actual blooms yet. Still, there are zillions of birds, and the ice is off the lake, and baby animals are starting to show up. The local paper reported on the cute-quake at the municipality’s 4H park, so on Easter weekend we went to check it out.

It was a nice bike ride but a chilly walk around the park. Worth it to see the new tiny goats jump up on the backs of the woolly sheep and do training head-bonks with the adults. We went to Tegnérs on the way home and split a kardemumma bulle.