First day of School!

Today was my first day of work at Högsklan i Gävle.  I didn’t get much research done, as I needed to get a library card, keys, security passcard, computer id and email, orientation to the building and general rules, and lots of forms to sign (over half of which were in English).

I was pleasantly surprised by my office, private with 3 windows (nicely curtained, Swedish style), lots of warm looking beech furniture and  even a potted crysanthamum.  BUT ALSO! a private washroom and shower!  This is not typical as the room has been repurposed – perhaps it was a lab before?   There is a nice gym in the basement of my building, with Concept2 rower, treadmill, and lots of weights, stability equipemnt, and mirriors.  The university also has bootcamp and core classes, as well as kickboxing and African dance (which I will of course be trying out soon.)

We are working on getting internet at home, so pictures will have to wait until then.


  1. what an office score! how far is it to your office? maybe you can scrounge up a bike for commuting and then shower when you get there (although maybe not in the deep of winter). the African dance class sounds COOL – i’m eager to hear more

  2. i can see it now, you unleash the hair-ball beasts… and dance your heart song to the beat of african drums… i can’t wait to hear more about it.

    Sweet action about the office. Whoa seriously your own can?!? rad.

    Sweedish Kitties?! i love the graham picture and the support he lends to your wish to improve the odds (6/7 would be more your style, kitty whisperer)
    i love you millions.
    you are damn cute.
    hugs to you and graham. and pets to the sweedish kitties you make friends with.
    love love from chi and i.

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