Capital city tour ’09 continues

Just got back from a weekend trip to Copenhagen.  We had a great time in our new “most expensive” travel destination.  Catherine stayed in Denmark and took the train to Odense for a short work conference.  She’ll be back on Wednesday with the camera so we’ll do a big post with pictures then.

I realize that in the past two months I’ve visited five national capital cities (Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen) and one former capital (Krakow) yet I’ve never visited Ottawa.  I guess there has never been a good reason to go to Ottawa and it’s not exactly a place I’d just go for the heck of it due to the time and cost involved.  I wonder how many Canadians, or Americans for that matter, spend their whole lives without visiting their nations’ capitals?  Just a random thought, time for bed…


  1. I’ve visited the US capital 3 times, but never the Canadian one…though Washington DC seems more interesting then Ottawa.

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