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Nathan was looking for video of the Premier Mixed 500m Final (recap) so here it is.  Thanks to Jonathan for getting someone to film with his camera and Ron to post it – not sure who was behind the camera.  The video is pretty much just us although you do see the other teams right at the end.  From closest to the camera you have:

  1. Canada
  2. Germany
  3. China
  4. Philippines
  5. USA
  6. Russia
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Also of note are the white distance markers on the far shore. The water level is normally almost up to the bottom of the signs, and thus we had the shallow course with lane bias.

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  1. Three seconds is a big margin at this level. Lane 1 did have a bias in that it was deeper and easier to go faster. I think this amounted to about 1 sec over a 500m race. The other 2 seconds we gained over the field were all us!

    Racing doesn’t hurt when you win, but I know I could not have done a little dance like Kevin did when we crossed the line.

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