Concert in the park

This is not the river park, this is just to give you the idea it is cold.
This is not the river park, this is just to give you the idea it is cold.

Our friends Hasse and Camilla (who you might remember form personel fest) are members of a Monday-night choir, and this past Monday they had a friends-and-family concert at the outdoor amphitheatre in the river park.   In November it could have gone either way, but it was a dry night and not too cold, and glögg and pepperkador were provided to the audience. It was of course super-dark, but there were torches and candles all around the stage.  Candles are HUGE in Sweden, indoors and out, I’m surprised there aren’t more fires.

The music at the concert was great, mostly English and one Swedish song.  They a did a great job with multi-part harmonies on some jazz classics.  My favourite was ‘Summer time’.  The best part about this song for me was the third line: “fish are yumping/ and the cotton is high”.    In Sweden fish don’t jump and people don’t jog, only yumping and yogging.   The choir is actively looking to recruit more men, but suddenly Graham seems very busy on Monday nights and not able to sing.  Too bad!   He would do a great job on some ACDC or Metallica classics.


  1. yimminy cricket, it does look cold there, not like yune at all. I read along, interested and charmed by the picture of the candlelit concert, and then laughed out loud: Graham’s sudden occupation with ANYTHING else. Too bad, indeed.

  2. Tital: Airway Emergency

    the thought of graham sining in a sweedish choir almost sent me to my grave as i read this while eating a pit chip. As i gasped with laughter, it quickly turned into an airway emergency and squeaky gaspy breathes were rasped passed the pita chip in my trachea…
    luckily i recovered and could continue laughing…
    when i picutred graham singing in teh choir to clasics of the 80’s… i totally saw some expert air guitar skills.
    i hope you pictured that
    and i hope YOU were fortunate enough not to be eating pita chips when you did.

    love you
    sister e

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