At least the milk has Vitamin D

Jul-themed mjölk
Jul-themed mjölk (milk) carton

With only about 7 hours/day of daylight in November it’s not a surprise that there wasn’t much sunshine, but in Stockholm they only saw 17.5 hours of sun for the entire month!  And that’s not even close to the record – in 2000 there was only 8 hours.  We probably did a little better here in Gävle but not by much.  Growing up in the Lower Mainland was perfect training for these conditions although the rain here falls in humane doses.

All the cloud cover did keep things warm though as we were about 2.5°C warmer than normal.  Everyone is really looking forward to the snow (snö) as it reflects the light and brightens things up.  Plus you get to ski.  Hopefully soon…

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  1. Wow. That really puts things in perspective. It will nearly feel sub-tropical when you come here. *looks at thermostat reading 30 deg F* oh. Maybe not.

    Is there a big market for those lights that simulate full-spectrum sunshine?

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