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It has been a while since I did anything art-related. Last summer was very full with work, paddling, and getting ready to move so my crafty bin was mostly untouched. I packed a few half-done and a few empty canvases to store; I’ll have to pick them up again when I go back to Canada. However, I don’t want to wait that long to use the right side of my brain, so this weekend I went to Clas Ohlson. I thought I’d get some acrylic paint, which is what I mostly use at home. However, I had forgotten about the start-up costs for painting, with brushes, canvas, paints, medium, etc. etc.

Instead I got some water-soluble pencil crayons, which I haven’t used for a long time. I also got a little sable brush, so I will still get the feel of painting. I haven’t used them yet though, tonight I set about a collage project. I saw the newest death cab for cutie album cover and I liked all the geometric shapes, so I decided to collage something along those lines for out living room. I bought a 5 kroner (80 cents Canadian) corkboard at a thrift shop. I didn’t have wall paper samples or construction paper or whatever the original used, but Hasse gave me his 2009 calendar with pictures of Sweden in it, which I thought would give more texture anyway.

The makings of a collage

I am happy with the final collage, and I am looking forward to doing some water-colour pencil stuff. Maybe there will be some home-made valentines!

The completed collage hanging over our couch. It was meant to hang horizontally, but Graham held it up like this and I liked it. Also, the frame hangers immediately supported vertical hanging and I was too impatient to change it.

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