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Really nice savoy cabbage and Swedish 'rötfrukt' (root vegetables)

It has been a while since I posted about Swedish food or our cooking exploits here, so it is time for a food post now!  We are getting more used to Swedish food and taking advantage of what local ingredients have to offer. Here are some meals, but we will post on baking soon too.

Mashed potatoes, onions, green peas, carrots, Västerbottenost cheese sauce, all in a cabbage leaf. A Swedish burrito!
Our homemade smörgås: carrot bread with cream cheese, pickled redbeet salad, ruccola and västerbottenost cheese. Redbeet salad is pretty popular around Christmas. Västerbotten ost is a hard, well-ripened cheese from the Västerbotten region (where Umea is).

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  1. that pic with the cabbage is awesome

    i wish i could take better food pics for blogging – natural light looks best, but we don’t really get taht much natural light in our kitchen, but it is still a really great kitchen to cook in.

    you’ve shown pics of the kitchen you made christmas cookies in – how about the kitchen in your gavle apartment?

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