Here is the long overdue third instalment in the warm weather series.  It’s still quite cold here (-6 to -10) so it’s not too late.

Over Christmas/New Year 07/08 we travelled to Sao Paulo Brasil to attend our friends Na and Ed’s wedding.  After the wedding the happy couple celebrated their honeymoon by renting a beach house and inviting about 15 people to enjoy it with them.  Everyone had an amazing time eating (a lot), drinking (a lot), hanging out on beach, trying our hands at surfing and of course playing guitar hero that Adam dragged all the way from Edmonton.

Ed and Na

The biggest Hibiscus flower
The beach at sunset
Catherine and Dimitry rocking out sunburn and all.
Catherine and Dimitry rocking out sunburn and all.
Frescoball is a very popular beach game.
New Year's feast (and this was only some of the food)
Nature's waterslide. Yes you do slide down the rocks into the pool below. It's a little bumpy but not too bad.
When you're this white they call you "gringo" - literally.

These Brasil pictures remind us… congratulations to Edgar who has just landed a faculty position at McGill University in Montreal. Parabéns Ed, you should celebrate with a beer!

Now that's a beer!

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  1. EVERY ONE of these pictures has something amazing in it – it’s wild to see/hear more about all the adventures you two have had in the last few years

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