Längdåkning på Sätra

Längdåkning is the word for cross-country skiing in Swedish.

The weather warmed up dramatically over the last few days and by Sunday was a balmy -3, which is perfect for skiing.  Since the bus doesn’t go exactly where we needed and only runs every 30 minutes on Sundays we decided to walk to the ski area near Läkerol Arena in Sätra which took about 35 minutes.  Once there we put on our ski boots and hit the trails.  The only downside of the location was that there are no facilities so we had to carry our shoes and snacks with us in backpacks which affects your balance on the skis a little bit.

The location had 2 trails – 6.5km and 4.2km loops each track-set for classic skiing.  It was fun getting out into the forest and doing a fresh-air workout.  We weren’t working too hard, and ended up doing one 6.5km loop and twice around the 4.2km before packing up and walking home.  It didn’t seem strenuous at the time, but we both have sore hip flexors today so we must have been doing something right.

Track-set tree-lined trails.

A warming hut beside the trail where you can take a break and cook a korv on the fire if you are so inclined.
Catherine rigged up an ergonomic (and stylish) shoulder strap to make carrying the skis easier


  1. Graham, I noticed that you had both sets of skis. Did Catherine use a little know rule of ergonomics design; Delegate the task.

  2. It DOES look more efficient that way.

    And this is all about the efficiencies, right?

    I’m thrilled for you that you got out skiing. I’m hoping to improve enough to get out on our new snowshoes this season. Feeling better now, so I’m hopeful.

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