Swedish Music

Cardigans – long a favourite (shout out to Jordan!) I like lovefool, but this song is way better. erase rewind is also a good one.

Mando Diao – Sometimes they sound like tom jones, sometimes disco, sometimes dirt rock. This remix is awesome.

Peter John and Bjorn – the whistling song people – they don’t even need to have another song because this one is so great

promoe ft timbuktu – i like this one, it has a reggae feel

movits – swedish swing hipshop, as brought to America by Steven Colbert.

the knife – brother sister team that wrote this rock song that gets played in dance clubs here. a nice break from german-style euro trance. I think the baseline is very dancy, even if there is no hiphop thump.

Tough alliance – koka-kola veins, another good dancy rock song. Feels like the lost track from Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist

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  1. I am having such a good time going through these – thank you for being such a great Swedish music DJ. (I even posted one on my blog. ;-))

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