Cars of the Balkans

For those who like the ‘cars of Europe’ posts (mostly just our dads, I think) here is the Former-Yugoslavian edition. The new cars in Europe are pretty much the same wherever we go, but the old ones can be pretty special, so this is mostly older cars. I listed the make when I could see what it was, but mostly they are a mystery to me… so different than the cars we grew up with since not many Ladas and Yugos were shipped to Canada. We tried to include the all-important headlights and tail lights in the pictures so the Dads could take a crack at identifying them!

If cars hold no interest for you, scroll down and look at some kitties.

Rival, a Russian Van. I bet the sound system plays techno!
Nice! An old school Volvo to help us feel at home.
Awesome! the sporty model!
This si a cool new Fiat. Small like a smart car, but a bit more stylish (it doesn't take much)
Street legal? Well, it has a license plate, so I guess so!
Cool old city bus in Lapad outside Dubrovnik.
Awesome old trunk in Mostar. Not sure what it is though?
Some of these oldies are actually in pretty good shape.
Lada... a real beauty
Sorry it's so dark... but this rounded one was so cute. I think it is a Renault?
Compact cutie
Caught in action!
This one in Mostar reminds me of an old Datsun

You survived the car post! The next posts will be tourist-y shots of Lokrum and Mostar.