Croatian Dinner at Home

Getting ready to make seafood risotto

We had a lot of great food in Croatia, and so we were inspired to make some new tasty things when we got home to Sweden. Our friends Hasse and Elja both have birthdays this month, so we invited them over for a ‘Croatian themed’ dinner.

Antipasto to start off the evening, along with some suitcase-imported Walnut liquer.

We had a nice salad with figs we brought back, Graham made a great tomato risotto with mussels, and we had a yummy birthday cake with lemon curd filling. We didn’t have any Croatian wine, but enjoyed the French and German wines and did not feel bad about not getting to the Croatian plum brandy later in the evening.

Graham serving up the risotto

We seemed to guess right on the amount; 1 kg of mussels for 3 mussel eaters, (I had one or two to participate and also secure my position as the worst vegetarian in the world.) There were maybe 2 left over and enough cake to send home a couple of slices with Hasse and Elja and keep a few for us …for breakfast, naturally 😉

The lemon curd and cake cooling.
In my excitment to eat it, I forgot to take a picture of the whole cake. Here is the final piece

Overall it worked out well, so we may have for more themed dinners in the future!!  Maybe we will do sushi night, or Thai night, or homemade pasta night.  I am sure our Swedish buddies would like to see Canadian night, but it is tough to decide what we would eat – I can only think of dessert, nanaimo bars and maple mousse.    What Canadian treats would you share with guests?


  1. Catherine you dooo have desserts handled. For west coast -sockeye salmom on cedar plank with maple syrup and soy and ginger marinade. Can be baked or broiled too. Yukon Gold potatoes mashed.
    Roasted roots with olive oil and rosemary eg potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, parsnips and if you like anise, beets
    Wild rice pilaf. Carrots/cauli/broccoli.
    Roast chicken is pretty traditional.

  2. I suggest Tim Horton’s…no food is more Canadian. You could pull out your deep fryer and make some maple and bacon topped donuts. I’m thinking of submitting this idea to their corporate office. I’m also considering submitting a Canadian flavour to Ben and Jerry’s. It will be called Lumberjack Breakfast. It is vanilla ice cream with a maple swirl, and pancake covered bacon bits.
    As for home cooking-I’m probably the wrong person to ask. You could have a Vancouver-themed dinner. It would be a fusion fest of sushi, dim sum, Thai, veggie burgers, cedar plank salmon. YUM!

  3. Graham wants to eat Lumberjack breakfast. I am not as sure. I do miss bubble tea and sushi. Is Timmy’s still as Canadian when they are owned by Wendy’s?

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