en bra dag

L to R: Jennie, Lars, Graham, Richard, Eva, and Anders, and past them lake öjaren. You can see the snow piles up as high as the hot tub, even with all the melting.

Last weekend was lots of fun.  Our buddy Eva generously lent us her car for the weekend, and Saturday we and fellow Canadians Jennie and Richard packed up our skis to go to Högbo.  We had a nice 15km ski, then Eva invited us back to her house where we had some great burgers and an apres ski hot tub.  Awesome!  I would love to have gone skiing again the next day, but it rained and warmed up and I think the conditions would have been poor (as well as wet and generally unpleasant for being outside).   It looks like we have had out last ski of the year unless we head up North; it is getting warmer and the snow is melting more than falling now.