On Thursday, Catherine had a morning meeting in Uppsala and then the rest of the day free as Maundy Thursday is a half day off.  So I took the train down to Uppsala and we spent the afternoon exploring the city a little bit.  While Uppsala isn’t a particularly large city, compared to Gävle it felt like a trip to civilization after being out in the woods for a month.  The number of people out and about and the number of options available for anything was a nice change.  We’ll definitely go back later this spring or summer and spend a day or tow hiking to the Viking burial mounds and checking out some other sites.  Here are a few pictures.

The Gothic Domkyrkan is the largest church in Scandinavia. It dominates the city's skyline.
The building in the middle of the river is an old mill. The water still runs under the building through a few channels. The building now houses the Upplands Museam which gave us a bit of a history lesson on the city and area. The special exhibit was a collection of plastic items (mostly housewares) from the 50s-70s; it was enthralling to say the least.
Rune stones are very common throughout this region of Sweden. This one is in a small park near the Domkyrkan that showcases a number of ruin stones generally dating from about the 11th century. Each of the stones carries an inscription that generally commemorates a family member who did something special or the construction of a structure.
The river is running pretty high due to the spring runoff. There were nice paths on both sides of the river. Once the temperatures warm up there will be lots more people strolling the paths and sitting at the variety of cafes and restaurants that back on to the path.
Further down the river are a number of boats moored along both sides some of which are restaurants. We figure that the boats just stay moored up instead of being dinner cruises as it doens't look like the channel is wide enough for these boats to turn around.


  1. wow. that city looks like it has a very interesting vibe.
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