Plans for 2010-2011

I wrote before about the kind of things I am doing at work, and it seems time for an update.

I hope things are looking up.

Originally I thought I would be in Sweden for 1 year  to do an unofficial post doc.   Once here, I decided to apply for a postdoctoral award program run by the Swedish FAS agency and the EU Marie Curie  agency for research.  I found out a few weeks ago that my application has passed the first round has gone to the next level of the competition along with 4 other finalists.  Yay!  I also found out that I will stay here another year whether or not I win the award.  Happily, the CBF is interested enough in my future projects that they have committed to paying for me for the next year even if I don’t win the award.  This means they will be on the hook for paying for me… but fortunately for me, I can make my plans without having to stand on one foot waiting for the award to come through (COFAS says I might not find out until September!)

The original idea about this additional year was that it would be spent partly in Sweden and partly in Canada.  UBC kindly agreed to give me an office and IT support while I work in Vancouver, which will make things a lot easier and give me a nice academic environment while I am there.  It will also be nice to finally be present in the room for the OCCH 595 course that I have for the last year been organizing (along with TAs and co-instructor) from a distance.  I look forward to meeting those students!

I am not yet sure which months or days I will spend  in Sweden and in Vancouver, but it will be good to iron that out.  Right now it looks like I might not be back again until September 2010… and that is a long time to go.

Of course, the hardest part about this is that Graham will be coming back for good in September – he has a one year sabbatical from his job and will need to start work again in October.  I guess we will use skype a lot more, and also I anticipate my carbon footprint getting bigger with more flights.  😛


  1. We’re really proud of you, Catherine, and we’re happy that you’ll be able to continue your work. Although, it is a little sad that we won’t be able to see you. Maybe one day, Jasmine will be visiting her Auntie Cat at the Dean’s Office?
    ~Michelle 🙂

  2. Great news about your extended stay, Catherine! Nice to work with people who value you. You definitely deserve that! We look forward to seeing you when you’re back in Van!

  3. Congratulations Catherine!!! It’s great to hear that you’ve secured an “official” post-doc :)! Do you think they’re looking for any violence prevention people in Sweden??? It’ll be great to see you when you come back… or I guess I’ll have to come out to visit!

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