Road clean-up

the gutter filled with pea-gravel

Now that it looks like there won’t be any more snow (or at least if it does it will melt right away), it is time to clean up all the gravel that is spread all over the streets and sidewalks.  They don’t use the fine sand we are used to seeing in Canada but instead a much courser jagged rock mixture.  When there is snow on the ground it does provide really good traction, but without there is so much of it that you can slip on it.  Since we had so many separate snowfalls there were many layers of the stuff spread throughout the winter and now all has made its way to the bottom as the snow melts.  In places were there were big snowbanks now have big rock piles as shown above.  The nice thing about using larger rock is that it can be picked up and used next year; they use street cleaning like machines that vacuum up the rock into a big tank.