April showers

My violet plant had a dormant winter, but is now kicking ass again.

It is finally warm enough to have rain in Gavle, and the snow is starting to melt, and we haven’t had any new snow for a few days.  Maybe Spring is here?  Our indoor plants look nice at any rate.

25 kroner gerber daisies from Ikea brighten things up a little.

A little further south the bulbs are starting to come up.   We found some snowdrops, yellow crocuses, and daffodil tips sticking through the snow in Uppsala.

The pine branches are put there in November to cover up the gross ground and help the garden beds look nicer. They also insulate the ground form the giant snow piles right on top, and give the bulbs a little head space to grow into. When the snow recedes... voila! Flowers.
There is a bouquet for every season in Sweden. Spring means pussy willows and bulbs. The pussy willows are shaped into a wreath you can put on your door at Easter time. I haven't seen any forsythia yet, but I am sure it is coming.