Bike art

Our Canadian buddy Richard has his birthday today. We were lucky to get some awesome cake at a get-together on Sunday, but it took me this long to make the painting… but not late since today is the day!

Richard and Jennie are serious cyclists (mountain and touring)  and have done lots of multi-day, 100s -of-kilometre trips. Richard also builds bikes, so fair to say that ‘bikes’ seemed like a reasonable theme for some birthday art.  This picture shows Richard and Jennie riding down a mountain over some giant gears with a map of Sweden (complete with what I imagine to be the bike trips around Stockholm, Gävle, and UmeÃ¥ in red).  Jennie was saying that their walls are bare since moving in, so hopefully this will fill some space.

The ‘bikes’ picture with its purple matting and (reflective) glass frame

Happy Birthday Richard!

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