Happy Mother’s Day!

Flower Bouquet for moms! These roses bloomed in September in Bönan (no action on the rosebushes here yet!)

Happy Mother´s day to all the moms out there, but especially to Annabelle, Bernie, Bridget, Dana and Andrea R.

A special shout out to this year´s debut-moms: Michelle, J-bax, Mona.

Here is a nice thought from Mr. T, circa 1985.


  1. Catherine, thanks for rose picture and rap.Car pics nice and comprehensive, I’d like to be in one of those cafes watching cars go by.Everything here is green with
    Jordan’s rhodos blooming red and some white tulips, bleeding hearts and the ever
    present dandelions.Nice warm day for early May and I heard from all my chicks.Thanks

  2. Thanks, Cat! My favourite Mother’s Day present was Jasmine’s first four hour stretch of sleep, followed by a really poopy diaper. Times sure change, quickly!

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