Spring brings out the oldies

Sure we have seen an increase in Swedish seniors out with their nordic walking poles, but I meant the cars.  The lack of snow and sunshine has lured all of the classic cars out of their garages to tour around the city.  Here are some favourites.

The sun shining on this well-kept old timer. A sporty Ford coupe, it had a nice matching interior too.
Ancient Chevy. American oldies are really cool in Sweden. Sweden had prohibition and rumrunners too, maybe this car was owned by Al Capån?

There are some old domestics too…

An awesome old Saab. The Saab company has been in the news a lot lately , speculating on who will buy it, if anyone.

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  1. I really like the chevy (including the colour)! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it around on the street in North America.

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