Love 2010 in Stockholm

A couple weeks ago on our way back from Estonia we spent the day in Stockholm. Already they were preparing for the big royal wedding coming up this Saturday. Stockholm has put a lot of effort and planning into making this a tourist-friendly event, not only for the royal wedding, but giving the whole month of June the theme ‘LOVE 2010’. Some folks were unimpressed with having an English-word theme, but it is not Quebec so it was allowed.

There are signs like this all over to remind you of the love theme. LOVE!!!!!
Stockholm is full of 'weddinged-up' cafés and gazebos. You can see a portrait of the royal couple inside
Free circus performance by the Stockholm museum, with a 'love' theme.
They performed to a medley from Moulin Rouge.
There are wedding and love events and activities almost everywhere you look.
There is a big stage set up for live broadcast across from the castle.
The IKEA pavillion and barge. They have 75-cent wedding cake!
Graham enjoying a fika on the IKEA barge (best deal in town!)