Cashing in on the wedding

The royal wedding is coming up this Saturday. Everyone is talking about it, but lots of companies have also been capitalizing on it, selling ‘love’ and ‘wedding’ versions of things. There are some things like commemorative stamps and plates that I also remember from Charles and Diana’s wedding, but some are uniquely Swedish.
Here are some favourites:

Piles of royal wedding branded chocolate bars
mini-wedding cakes (princesstarta) for the watching-the-wedding-parties. Actually, you can buy these anytime, and are the one thing on this list I have bought/will buy.
Royal wedding mazarins, (almond tarts) with blueberry and raspberry glaze (this mixture is called 'Queen's jam')
While walking in Stockholm we got some 'hug' (kram) and 'kiss' (puss) chocolates.
Even royal wedding undies! Tennis star Bjorn Borg makes some upscale underpants, and these are special ones. Some of the men's ones look like a tuxedo. They are pretty cheesy and without the ability to dystroy the evidence that you ever bought such a thing, as with the chocolate or mazarin.

After going for a training paddle, we are planning to spend the wedding day having a luncheon at our friends eating very Swedish things and watching the wedding on TV.  None of us are royalists, but I think we are all looking to get some fun out of the event anyway. If the bakeries are out of princesstartas, I will whip up a yellow sponge that we can eat with strawberries and cream.

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  1. Ah… successful merchandising. Or, i guess it would be more successful if the piles were smaller, yes? Looks very much like Charles+Diana’s wedding-fest that way. Definitely better to go for the perishable wedding bits.

    I love the idea of you whipping up a yellow sponge, and having it with strawberries and cream. I don’t “miss” wheaty things exactly, because the pain of eating them is just not worth it. But i miss the idea of eating specific things, and your trifle is near the top of that list. Have fun with your princesstartas and your party!

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