Princess party

Arranged in front of the TV watching Europe\'s royalty arrive. Elja is appropriately attired for a princess wedding.

We had a great bröllopsfika (wedding tea)with our friends Hasse and Elja. We went to their place and watched the royal wedding on TV. We ate strawberry and cream cake (princesstårtas being increasingly hard to find, unless you want the last MASSIVE one in the bakery).

Our 'wedding' cake

We chatted about the guests, ceremony, the royal couple’s post-ceremony ‘waving tour’ through the city, as well as Hasse and Elja’s wedding that is coming up in July. This took us into the evening, but after 2 pieces of strawberry cake we weren’t particularly hungry for dinner right away. We took a walk by the river with Hasse and Elja (dig that evening light!) and agreed to meet the next day for running at Hemlingby. It was a fun day, a nice way to enjoy some of the wedding celebration and good company without the crowds of Stockholm.

Our lovely tea, complete with wedding napkins that Hasse picked up. Classy!


A nice English language summary of the wedding here.