Mellan hägg och syréns

Summer has arrived in Sweden in full force, complete with flowers and sunshine. It is not too warm, but the sun is up for about 20 hours per day, and I guess you can´t have everything. The season in the beginning of the summer when everything is blooming is called “mellan hägg och syréns”… between the bird cherry and the lilac blooming seasons. Both shrubs smell great when they bloom, there are LOTS of them around, and they also mark the blooming time for lots of other flowers.

Here are the early spring ones:

Blåsippor closeup... Elizabeth took this one.
Gulviva, primorose, or cowslip
Tussilago, one of the first flowers to poke through the snow

Here are the June ones:

in Uppsala
A well-pruned lilac in the park
Most lilacs look like this.... overflowing with blooms. It rained a bit today so these ones are all heavy and hanging downwards. Lilac really are everywhere - it smells so nice to ride through town these days!
This shows a summer house in the archipelago surrounded by white and purple lilac bushes.