Bite bite bite…

Swedish summer is great, but with the hot weather comes the mosquitoes. Most of the time you can stay in the sun, or there will be a bit of wind to blow them away, or the rain scares them into their hiding places. However, some overcast or hazy evenings they ALL come out and there is nothing you can do. Last night was one of those nights, we went for a paddle on the river and there were just swarms of mosquitoes, but also some horseflies, midges, and some prolific green bug that mercifully didn’t seem to bite. I was in the bow and ran into a number of the swarms, and breathed in and swallowed more than I think is becoming for a vegetarian. I guess the mosquitoes figured that if I was going to have them for dinner, it was only fair for them to have me for dinner.

All this has turned our house into the itchy and scratchy show. It is not good to scratch mosquito bites but when you are asleep the scratching happens anyway. bite-bite-bite, scratch-scratch-scratch!


  1. I sympathize – I have MANY bites from our visits to the cottages last week, and our backyard is a danger zone past 9pm. I was out in the back yard late last night attaching a pannier rack to Christina’s bike, and they got me everywhere. One even bit me right above the nail on my left baby toe – that is supremely itchy! Ava and Ajax were out there with me, and Ava actually seems to get a kick out of chasing the mosquitoes around on the grass – this is a hunting habit I encourage! Also have my first experience with poison ivy – I would characterize that as supremely itchy also.

    – Leif

  2. Ah mosquitoes – that’s what I remember from my one trip to Sweden when I was young. Unfortunately I am one of the people that really attracts those buggers while everyone around me (namely Jeff) is save. So i am glad that there are hardly any in Vancouver. Nevertheless we had our mosquitoe encounters on our first fishing trips this spring. No fun when you are trying to cook dinner. But a good ald smoky campfire takes care of almost everything.

  3. i love the bite bite bite illustration with itchy and scratchy.
    you are awesome.
    love you!

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