Core Training

Catherine rocking the Iron Cross

Catherine has been able to secure the big gym at the university one night a week so we’ve started up the group core training sessions that we haven’t done since May 2009.  Old classics like skipping, pilates, balance drills and circuit training are back.  We don’t have access to medicine balls and balance balls, but in true Euro Gym style we have climbing ropes, swinging ladders, pommel trainers and our new favourite the rings.

Flips and whatnot

Our circuits have made generous use of the rings.  The extra stability challenge of the rings is quite evident.  Chinups and hanging leg raises are a little harder than from a fixed bar, but dips and pushups are much harder than the standard way.  It’s always good to have a new challenge to work on…

I thought I was vertical. I think I must have screwed up when Catherine made me smile for the camera. Yeah that's definitely it.
Full disclosure

Not sure how long it will take us to get to this level:

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  1. It’s great you have access to the gym – the rings look like an intense workout, especially in that first pic. No, wait… I almost figured it had to be a joke, because even if Catherine is working that hard, I don’t see her doing that with her face – wasted effort and all. Catherine, do you remember that guy at the gym in Victoria, who had to squeal and yell with EVERY rep?

    Also, the Olympic routine? Damn. Just… damn.

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