Dragonboat documentary

Our coach Kamini sent us this link showing video of our team. Last year there was a documentary crew following us around at some of the regattas and at practice. As photographer-sister Bridget can attest, I sometimes find picture posing annoying, but I am glad to have documentation of things that happened. This documentary seems to have turned out nicely, you can see this clip and also the “teaser trailer” as a related video on youtube. 

Check out 0.58.  Red bandana of fury!  Oh- and that fast guy she is talking about?  Dungeon Master Graham!


  1. Ain’t that the truth! Still, I have some great pics of you, and Graham has been collecting wonderful ones for the blog. (Good job, G!)

    You guys are all kinds of awesome. (Sister is now known as Red-Bandanna-of-Fury)


    that was a very cute video
    damn you guys look bad-ass all paddling together like that.


    you guys are awesome.
    and fast.


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