On Friday after work we had a Canada-themed BBQ picnic in the local park. Jennie put together a Canadian only band playlist and made little Canadian flags for the food. The weather was great and with so much light we kept eating, drinking and playing until the bugs finally chased us out of the park sometime around 11:30. Other than a lack of fireworks and the persistent smell of marijuana smoke this could have been any Canada Day party back home.

Cooking on the portable mini grills. Swedes love to cook outside and they sell little one-use self contained grills at most grocery stores. They are a little bit of an environmental nightmare but they are pretty convenient. We cooked up some veggie kabobs and Caribbean style chicken while others cooked up pork tenderloin, little corn cobs, and the ever-present korv. Add a great selection of salads and we had a great feast.
Catherine's fruit kabob porcupine creation. Attractive, nutritious and delicious.
Jennie and Richard made awesome Strawberry shortcakes for dessert with authentic Svensk Jordgubbar
After dinner, Hasse busted out his guitar, and treated us all to a live set. During the Swedish classics portion the kids joined in on the singing fun.
Game of Cub in action. Apparently it was all the rage in Sweden about 5 years ago. It's somewhat complicated; the short version is there are two teams that are trying to knock the other team's pegs down by throwing wooden batons towards their opponents. The kids (big and small) had lots of energy and various games were ongoing pretty much non-stop all evening.