Oslo city hall. This is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year. All of the other Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm.

My parents have been visiting for the last week so there hasn’t been a lot of time to post here.  They left this morning for Copenhagen and we leave for France tomorrow but I thought we could get one post up about last weekend’s trip to Norway.  The other posts will need to wait until we get back from France.

Our first stop in Norway was the capital of Oslo.  Mom and Dad were still a little jet lagged but were troopers to get up for the 6:30 train to the airport.  The flight to Oslo is really short so even with a train ride into Oslo we arrived around 11 so still had most of the day to check out the city.  Right on queue as soon as we stepped out of the train station it started to rain.  We did come prepared as we know that it rains regularly in Norway.  Little did we know how much rain we’d see over the next 4 days…

I don’t think anyone had any high expectations of Oslo other than a jumping off point for fjord exploring, but we were all pleasantly surprised.  The city had lots of nice buildings and wide open public spaces that made it feel open and airy.  There was also lots of public art and just a short walk from the crowds was a nice park-like setting along a river complete with old mills and factories.

Here are a few of the highlights from our one day stay in Oslo.

On Karl Johans Gate looking up towards the royal palace.
The old castle which was surrounded by earthen fortifications overlooking the port and Oslofjorden
The busy port area and promenade
Student housing for the University. If you think they look like grain elevators you'd be correct. They are converted grain elevators.
The river through town
Us in front of one of the three waterfalls on the river
Mom and I early the next morning on our way to the train station before our early train towards fjord country.
We saw this window display outside a department store. Yes that is a Plastex K-1 (looks in good shape too). Also check out the old school red PowerMaster paddle.

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  1. Those grain-elevator dorms are pretty cool. I doubt you’d see something like that at an American university.

    Tech note: would you be willing to put a search box on the blog? Sometimes I want to come back to a particular post (usually a place you have visited) but I can’t remember when it was. Thankee.

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