Home again… for now

The castle in Caen

We arrived back in Sweden yesterday after our 10-day trip to France. It was a great trip! We have been lucky to travel a lot the last while, but we also have a backlog of blogs (a backblog?) We still have some pictures and stories to post from the trip to Norway, lots from France, and this Friday we will go with our friends Hasse, Elja, Jennie, and Richard to Dalarna. Hopefully we also get some quiet rainy days o we will post about our travels! The Swedish Autumn seems likely to oblige. 😉

Us on the beach in Courseulles just down from the Juno beach centre.
A close up of St Pierre's Cathedral in Caens. Hands up if you love flying buttresses!


  1. I love big butts and I cannot lie…

    Oh, wait. That’s something else. My eighth grade social studies teacher at Garibaldi introduced us to the middle ages – especially the architecture. We drew a church, complete with nave and – what – flying buttresses. He was a really passionate teacher, but also really awkward, so probably not best-suited to teaching high school, but I still remember the beauty of the architectural drawings. I think that seeded my interest in seeing what you guys call Big European Churches. I am nowhere near overload on that score.

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