Now for the ladies! (on horses)

Complete with side-saddle, here is a capital-L lady on a horse in Amsterdam

Graham has noticed a large number of dudes on horses in Europe, it seems every war hero and dignitary was also an equestrian fan.   After keeping our eyes out for them, we noticed a valuable minority of women on horseback.  Naturally, this deserved a post of its own.

Some cops (on horses) in front of the horse statue. Amsterdam police are the most tolerant and good-natured, given the drunk and stoned crap they endure in the red light district with such good humour.
At city hall in Oslo
Joan of Arc in Caen
Joan of arc in Paris. I love me some girl warriors, and the French do too. Are all Joans in gold?
An outdoor woman on a horse statue in the Champs Elysees.