Les Cycles… version Français

After getting a bike-picture -loving message from bicycle-researcher-supreme Kay, I have been on the lookout for cool bikes when I travel.  I also have a scooter-loving friend Tim,  and   there is a surprising amount of crossover.  I have finally added ‘cycles’ as a tag, so you can look back at all the various bikes and scooters we saw this year.  This post is all about the bikes and scooters (and hybrids) of France.

Graham trying to take on-bike pictures. Not bad for a first try.
Awesome pink moped in Montmartre
Ever try to pick someone up at a bar or cafe and realize after inviting them to your place (to see your stamp collection) you don't have room for passengers? Prroblem solved! (Paris)
The veteran-supporting London to Paris ride. I bet it was gross riding through the chunnel. Dig those poppies though!
Another cool moped scooter
Substantial scooter parking in the Opera district of Paris
Awesome scooter with a roof. We are seeing more and more these, I suppose to extend the scooter season.
The PREMUS gang riding in the Loire valley on rented bikes.