Weekend in Dalarna

Dalarna is the heartland of Sweden, and arguably the most ‘typically Swedish’ area.  Our friend Hasse did a lot of growing up in Dalarna, and that is where he met his now-wife Elja.  His parents live there, and her parents have a vacation house there.  This weekend we went up to stay in the vacation house with Hasse and Elja and our Canadian buddies Jennie and Richard.

the Siljiansas gang

Lake Siljian was formed when a meteor hit Sweden (you can kind of see the crater on the map). There are some real mountains in the west where Sweden meets Norway, but Dalarna is unique for central or east Sweden as one of the only areas with steep and high hills. It makes for some nice views.

Dalarna is full of charming red houses and lovely gardens
Naturally, the pastoral setting is full of livestock
Hasse's parents Icelandic horses, uncle neisty and pjyrki (sp?) reciprocating nips

There were also lots of fun activities: hiking, trips to see the sights (mostly beautiful views), a little berry picking, a visit to a nature museum, a poker tournament, and naturally some cooking and eating.

A Fall hot dog grill afternoon. Check out all those leaves...one week after labour day!

Wading in lake Siljian. It was chilly!
Lunch at Hasse's parents place: Peo, Graham, Richard, Elja, Jennie, Hasse, and Solvi
A view of the valley from the ski hill
In case you worried I had forgotten, I did find a cat there as well. Richard and I both got to pet her!