A description of heaven and hell…

My 10th grade math teacher was quite a character (Shout out to Mr Jones!) and told us this joke about European stereotypes that I still remember.

In heaven, all the food is French, the cars are German, and the cops are British.

In hell, all the food is British, all the cars are French, and all the cops are German.

In Canada this would be bordering on racist and offensive, but Europeans seem to love it.  This post is all about the cars we saw in France.  Not all are French, but the cutest ones are.  I can’t speak to how they run or how much fixing they need… and when it comes right down too it, I would probably prefer a beamer myself, but some of these are pretty unique.

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  1. The cars are awesome – seeing you next to one, I have to imagine Europeans are midgets, and yet, I’m sure this is not true.

    Also: love the anecdote, but are you implying that the French, Germans, and British are different RACES?? Hmmm…

    At least you have good taste in cars. I thought you wanted a Baby Volvo, though – has being in Sweden changed your mind?

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