Living Alone

By the time you read this I will have travelled back to Sweden to the apartment in Gävle, where I will live alone. Graham has started back working at his Vancouver job and I am still working at the CBF in Sweden.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving in Canada, so I can spend some time thinking what I have to be thankful for and not just complain about coming back to the apartment alone.   And as fellow Canadian points out, there are some good things about being alone.


  1. Hang in there … and know that you aren’t exactly alone. Soon you will be wondering how to get rid of all of your fellow Gävle-ites who are banging on your door and barging in or dragging you out and not letting you have a moment to yourself! 🙂 I even sense the imminent arrival of regular vegetarian cuisine at the Jackson household.
    We missed you!
    Welcome back!
    And hang in there – I do remember all too well that it isn’t too much fun coming home to an empty space.

    Hey – random factoid — I played a gig at the pub she goes to for dancing!! Yeah Halifax!

  2. This video keeps popping up, and I love it. I have not had much practice at being alone, and consequently, I’m not very “good” at it. I have made a point of doing some of these things over the years, and they have been good for me. I’m really glad to see Jennie’s comment, and to know that you are loved and missed wherever you go. Makes sense to me. Let’s skype soon!

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