Safe in Sweden

Trips seem longer when they are alone. I had forgotten how handy it is to have someone watch your bags while you use the washroom. However, all my bags and I made it here safely.

The leaves are all yellow and red and won't last long...

After setting up our IP phone again and introducing my laptop to the network, I had a midnight snack and went to sleep. The bed in Sweden is not as nice as the bed in Vancouver, but it sure beats a plane seat! I was about to head out for work this morning and I took a look at the temperature… 1 degree Celsius! I spent the extra time to dig out my gloves and I am glad I did. It was a brilliant sunny day, with a wind blowing the leaves off the trees. I was really lucky in Vancouver that I was able to wear flip flops and sandals most of the time. Sweet! However, I can now put them in the closet again until June.

See you in the springtime, toes.


  1. I have a weather widget on my desktop that tells me your temp and weather. Yikes – I saw those dipping temps earlier this week. Then both computer and me succumbed to the bugs that have been flirting with us. Ugh.

    Upside of your flip-flop situation: you’ll save on toenail polish? Those leaves do look lovely.

  2. HI Catherine & Graham!

    Working away in the fall sunshine in Toronto, and thinking of you guys! It seems like the branches in Toronto just all decided to shrug and shake off their leaves yesterday – everything is bare and bright today. Miss you both, and we wish our timing in Europe had worked better so we might have had a chance to see you! Ah well. Hopefully see you sometime soon! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures and activities in Vancouver & Gavle!

    Leif & Christina

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