Awesome band/video

I just found this awesome Canadian band via their awesome video (and my love of cats).

I like the sound, it reminds me of “The sound from way out” but these guys do it all without computers.  They use toy laser guns to get the electronic laser sounds: pew pew pew! The best part is the cat and dog car chase, and the cool look on the cat’s face as he drives away from the flaming wreck.  If Quentin Tarantino liked cats, he would have directed this as an homage to grindhouse.  The band is awesome but with this name, I think they may be limited to internet rather than radio play.  That combined with their obvious viral-awesomeness video make them an interesting model for internet-era band promotion.


  1. I love that this kitty band is so bad-assed!
    thanks for sharing. love you. xo

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