Frozen North

I had a great trip to Umeå. After all the mayhem at the airport the day before, Jens and I were fortunate to get our flight with only minor delays (despite SAS being the most on-time airline in the world).  In Umeå I was lucky to be hosted by Pete and Carol, and had lots of fun with their kids Vincent and Torben.  It was great to have a family dinner, and made me think about spending time with my nieces when I go back to Canada.  Since it snowed a whole bunch a few days before I got there, we went out on kick sleds after dinner.  Fun!

Pete and Vincent on their kicksled
Me posing with the kicksled

I was only there for a few days and haven’t been there for a long time, so I organized a ‘pub night’ after work.  We went to a Scottish bar for dinner and some pitchers.  It was nice to see everyone in a social way.  It was also nice to walk around UmeÃ¥ a bit.

Lights on the side of a church in central Umeå... leftovers from an outdoor Winter light-art exhibit a few years ago.
Lunch with Pete and Jens at a charming converted mansion

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  1. Bwahahahaha – baby in a corner. Awesome!

    You look the ideal snow angel. Also, navy is a really good colour for you. The kicksleds look fun – and ergonomic? Maybe the snow is more dry than here? It looks like it would work best on dry snow.

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