This May I tore my hamstring, and it was very slow to heal. Even after the inflammation went down and a bunch of physio appointments, my right leg was lagging behind in flexibility.  Since  am normally pretty flexible, this was the first time I really knew what it takes to gain flexibility.  Right now I will take this opportunity to apologize to all the athletes I  coached and figured they just weren’t stretching very diligently… sorry guys, I  now know how hard it is.

Graham took this picture before my injury, but I think my standing bow looks almost the same now.

The good news is I have made a lot of gains in the last couple of months, so I am getting more balanced.  I have been doing free online yoga classes, which are convenient and in English.  My brother David is a yoga instructor and I know he is doing yoga everyday, so it is nice to think of him when I roll out my mat.

I had a physiotherapy appointment yesterday and the therapist told me not to stretch… that I should spend more time in the gym instead.  However, yoga is not on the ‘banned’ list and it seems to be helping, so I plan to keep it up.


  1. way to go, Catherine! Working on flexibility is hard…

    Maybe I should try these online yoga classes…

  2. Those classes look cool – i wonder if there is something similar for Pilates. Good luck with continued rehab – that sounds like a tough injury.

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