Pumpkins and costumes

It was a great time Saturday night, we had an early pumpkin carving and costume party. Hasse and Elja and Hanna generously let Andrea and I carve the pumpkins, which turned out pretty well.

Mid-carve on our pumkins.

I am dressed as the E-4 highway, which is hard to see from the side, but I am wearing a long straight grey dress with yellow dashed lines down the front.  I wanted a hot wheels necklace but didn’t quite get around to it.  

It is always hard to take low´light photos, but these pumpkins looked in at us from the living room window for maximum eerie effect!

Hasse was uncle fester from the Addams family, and Elja was Queen of the damned.  Hanna was a devil, and Andrea came as a Canadian conference attendee since that is what she had in her suitcase. ;)  I will double check that I have approval to post the costume photos before I put them up here! (Good to think about privacy and ethics, although I don’t think I will be getting a signed consent form).