Swedish for ‘hoot owl cookies’.  I know that there was some suspense about whether there would or would not be hoot owl cookies, but rest assured Mom and Elizabeth, I made some. 

The hoot owls, in all their chocolatey glory.

Happily, I had some time Saturday morning to make some hoot owl rolls.  I brought them to Hasse and Elja’s so we could have fresh baked cookies and also share the fun of decorating them.  They were also a hit at work, where baked items usually are met with appreciation. 

Hasse took this picture of me with my plate of cookies at work. I thought mom would like this one!

For me they are connected to Halloween and it is not really a good Halloween without them.  It is a recipe my mom has had since I was a kid, and I could often get away without making them because my mom and Elizabeth make big batches and share them.  Here in Sweden they make a nice way to share a Halloween celebration without being the only one dressed up like a transformer or zombie, which doesn’t make sense when Halloween isn’t on most people’s radar.


  1. More than any other Swedish word so far, this one reminds me of oo-oo oo-ga-chukka, oo-ga-chukka. Do you see it?

    Your owl cookies are adorable. Where did you get the smarties? (And nice circle scarf – that colour really is wonderful on you.

    Now I want to make some GF owls.

  2. I talked to my mom on Sunday and she mentioned that they had quite a few kids come by trick-or-treating. Not sure when this kicked up in Germany. Sure wasn’t popular when I was a kid.

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