Return of Meowy Svendsen

If you have read the blog for a long time, you will know about Meowy Sevndsen.  Even if you haven’t read that far back, reports on a neighborhood cat will probably not be a surprise.  Here is the long-awaited (at least by me)  Meowy Svendsen update!  That is a teaser, and you will need to sit through the weekend report to get to the kitty details.

A frosty but nice day in the forest.

This was another beautifully sunny and not-too-windy weekend. It was sparkling with frost both days, which is beautiful from the inside (when I was working on the UBC seminar and doing some yoga) and not quite as nice when one is outside.  However, I was out and about a lot on Saturday shopping in the town centre for groceries, clothes for me, and some Christmas presents too.  I also biked out top the Valbo IKEA since the weather was so nice.  This is the last weekend of the Fall break, so IKEA was PACKED with kids and families, enjoying free pizza and milk boxes at feeding stations around the store, and some other fun games, promotions, and entertainment. Nice to get some candles, jams (organic, high in fruit, and much cheaper than elsewhere), and some Christmas gifts too… but I must say I was relieved at the end of the trip and happy to get a 5kr ice cream even though it was cold outside.

It was a nice ride there – the route takes me past 2 big graveyards, and since it is Allahelgonshelg (All Hallows feast day) they were full of people visiting their family gravesites.  The stores have been selling lots of gravljusar (Grave candles, 10-hour wax dandles encased in a tall jar), and the roads leading into the graveyards were slowed with an endless procession of somber-looking volvos. This year Halloween (on Oct 31 no matter what) and Allahelgonshelg (first weekend in November) were quite further separated in time than they often are, and I think some Swedes thought Halloween was this weekend, since this is the holiday they grew up with and are used to.  I love Halloween, but I also like the idea of spending a day to think about one’s ancestors and deceased love ones, and it would be nice to spend a respectful day remembering the dead – more the flavour of Remembrance Day this coming week, not goofy and irreverent like Halloween.  At any rate, by the time I was leaving Ikea the sun was setting and it was cold, but really beautiful to see all the frosted graves lit by warm candle light – rows and rows and rows of candles.  I finished off the day with a fika with Elja, where I got to hear about her new job.  Nice!

Sunday had some Swedish homework, some blogging, and a great run at Hemlingby with Jennie.  I was nicely warmed up after 11-12 km and ready to head home.  On my way downhill past the horse paddock, I saw something fuzzy and orange hiding in among all the dead orange leaves.  Lo and behold… Meowy Svendsen!  I stopped and got off my bike to walk back and pet him; he is as friendly as ever.  Good thing I started out warm, because taking off my mittens and staying still made me a bit chilly and I was cold for the rest of the ride home.  It was worth it!


  1. Meowy!

    So nice to meet old friends.

    Love the description of your weekend. The cemetery near our home has a beautiful hilltop location, and they do ceremonies for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day here) and for Memorial Day. I like taking those late spring and late fall times to contemplate and remember. Your description of the rows and rows of candles is beautiful. I’ll be lighting one for our grandfathers on 11 November.

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