Meowy Svendsen

On our way back from skiing on the weekend we took a shortcut through a farm with lots of barns and found a cute kitty on a mailbox. He clearly spent some time outside because he was REALLY furry, even his tail. I think he must catch mice in the barn. Graham noticed a big notch in his ear, so I guess he spends some time fighting too.

The eerily familiar Meowy Svendsen

We named him Meowy Svendsen because he looks like my parents’ cat Mowey Sockington. He even had socks, dirty though they were. Although maybe a little scruffier, Swedish Meowy Svendsen was very friendly. He did not bite or scratch either of us, even though Graham was carrying big scary skis and we pet him so he could feel it through his thick fur. AW!

Graham petting fellow orangie Meowy Svendson. You can see Meowy is totally into it.


  1. awwwwwwwww! graham and meowy are very cute!

    i was thinking about changing canadian meowy’s name to meowy scratchington (for obvious reasons) what do you think?

    love you

  2. Meowy Scratchington is really only fair, and he did bring it on himself. We can “regift” Sockington to another kitty at a later date.

  3. I am blown away by the bushy, bushy, blond hairdo on that particular meowy. DAMN!

    That is some winter PERTEKSHUN.

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