Hockey Time!

The Canadian results so far at the Olympics have been great to see, and there is some friendly rivalry here at work with my rooting-for-Sweden buddies.  I heard some Canadian predictions for golds in Men´s and Women´s Ice hockey AND sledge hockey: 4 medals!  In preparation for the great matches ahead, here are some of the best hockey songs.  I guess only Canadian singers sing about hockey?

I just love me some Stompin´Tom, I swear he is a long-lost uncle. This one is great because it is live, with a story from uncle Tom.   How did this not become the replacement for CBC´s Hockey Night in Canada theme?

This is a great one, for the trivia and weirdness. I think every Canadian kid my age knows all the lyrics to this song. Quick trivia! when did Bill Barilko disappear, and when was he found? This video isn’t live Hip, but has some good old photos of poor ol’ Bill.

This one is cool because it has a SWEAR! Oh Gordie. Sadly, I could not find a decent live version of this, and this video shows the album cover so its really about listening. Trivia! Who scored the goal that everyone remembers?

This one is kind of newer, also from the hip. The short Ron McLean interview at the beginning shows why the Hip have so many hockey songs – Gordie played goalie as a kid and some goals still haunt him.

If you don’t recognize this one within the first five notes you are probably not Canadian.

They can’t all be good songs.  Here is the anthem for thousands of ‘hockey parents’ across the nation.

Well, this is a bit heavy on the Hip catalogue. Does Leonard Cohen have any Hockey durges I am not aware of? Put your suggestions of other songs in the comments!

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