The most wonderful time of the year

It is time again… the weeks before December 13 where we will choose 2010’s Lucia, and Lussekatt.  Sunday I saw this year’s crop of Lucia candidates singing in the mall, and today I saw the Lussekatt ‘cat-didates’ in the paper.  There are some finalists, but also there is a full album showing all the nominees.  How come I never get to see these cats when I am out walking?

I like Tajger’s spots and stripes, but Zelda has a very regal pose up in the tree.  Syrran looks like my Mom’s childhood cat, so I bet she would vote for him.  However, I think my vote is for Sune Nilsson, since he looks cute and playful. Also, his tuxedo reminds me of  my my sister’s cat, who is always dressed to impress.

Rösta på Sune!

You can see the final candidates by klicking on the “Bildextra: Klicka för att se de tio finalisterna” and you will get a slide show. Last year my vote did not pick the winner, let’s see if I can guess better this year.  Which cat do you think is the cutest? (I am sure this will garner more debate than the Swedish election, US midterm elections, and National hockey team selection put together!)

Special bonus from Swedish cats: Bisse’s picture is awesome, it reminds me of an ABBA video. Like here at 1:10